Entry prices

Admission tickets 2019

All presented admission fees are valid for season 2019 and per person.
You can find the official fees on our internet site www.klotti.de and in the price list. Different prices indicated by leisure portals or private internet sites will not be respected.
Referring to the group offers the admission fee has to be paid in one amount. An individual invoice isn’t possible.

(from 100 cm body heigth to age 14)
17,00 €
per Person
Adults 18,50 €
per Person
Pregnant women (on presentation of the maternity card) 17,00 €
per Person
(from age 60)
14,00 €
per Person
(only with teacher and certification)
13,50 €
per Person
(only with teacher in charge and certification)
10,50 €
per Person
(minimum 20 people)The admission fee for all group offers has to be paid as a whole. We do not accept single payments
15,00 €
per Person
Handicapped persons
(only with certification)
(from 100 cm body height to age 14)
13,00 €
per Person
Adults 14,00 €
per Person
Handicapped groups
(only with certification, min. 10 people)
(from 100 cm body height to age 14)
11,50 €
per Person
Adults 13,00 €
per Person
Family day:
Each Friday (05.04 – 01.11.2019) is family day. If at least one adult and one full-paying child are going to visit the park, each family member will pay a general entrance fee of 16,00 € per person. Senios receive a 50 cent reduction on ther entrance fee. This offer cannot be combined with other reductions.
16,00 €
per Person
Seasonal Ticket:
This favorable ticket is for those guests who repeatedly want to visit us. The ticket is valid with an up-to-date photo and in combination with a child´s passport or ID card. The seasonal ticket is not transferable. By the way, also an idea for an extraordinary gift, isn´t it?
59,00 €
per Person
Always a great gift idea: a voucher for a visit to the wildlife & leisure park. We develop individual admission vouchers for adults and children with the preferred number of persons. You can also obtain vouchers for food and drink in the restaurant. In each case are valid the official prices.
  • NEW Geburtstagskinder

    Geburtstagskinder Übrigens: Geburtstagskinder bis 14 Jahre haben am Tag ihres Geburtstags bei uns freien Eintritt. Bitte bringen Sie uns einen entsprechenden Nachweis mit!
    Verjaardagskinderen Verjaardagskinderen (4 - 14 jaar) hebben op de heugelijke dag bij ons gratis toegang. S.v.p. geboortebewijs meebrengen.
    Birthday girls and boys Birthday girls and boys from 4 to 14 years have free admission (please bring evidence).
  • NEW Parkplan