In 1970, Matthias and Maria Hennes opened the wildlife park on the hills along the Mosella. On an area of nearby 30 hectares one of the biggest plants in this region was created. Homeland animals and those from all over the world were cared and kept under species-appropriate living conditions and close to nature. The park became a big attraction quickly in the area of the Eifel and Mosella.

In 1995, the sons Josef and Hubert took over the wildlife park from their parents. They agreed to make the park more interesting and more varied. Already in the first year after the takeover, the cable railway and the water bobsleigh were erected. Since then no year has passed, without building and working on the ongoing development of the area into a wildlife and leisure park for the whole family.

Already in 2004, the roller coaster went into operation as a highlight of the new orientation of the park.

One of the largest investments was made in 2011/2012: The construction of the white-water flume “Zum Rittersturz”. This flume is the record-holder in Germany: a higher, steeper and faster ride visitors will not find in German leisure parks.

Despite the further development, the Gebrüder Hennes have never neglected the wildlife area. Also here investments have constantly been made. Hence with the beginning of the season 2013, the coatis will move into their new home. A falconry has been established in 2010.

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