The small world stage

The small world stage

Varied, imaginative and lively join in children’s theater

The puppet theater of “Klotti’s Kleiner Weltbühne” plays in the season 2020:

Stories from the “crazy fruit cart”

What’s going on in Melli Melone’s market stall? As soon as the market woman Melli Melone is not present, her chicken Hertha and Harry Hahn take over the sale. There is a lot to do: A big hungry caterpillar is shopping, Aluise Ant wants to build an anthill in the middle of the fruit, Rudi Rettich yodels and bakes carrot cake, the talking red cabbage sings arias and then there is this funny surprise guest: the monkey Mambo Django! A good thing that Hertha chicken and Harry Hahn have the children as helpers! A market day for the youngsters: about healthy nutrition, played in a real fruit cart and with a monkey-strong surprise guest.


Magic witch Nudeltraud

The wish-towel has disappeared. A very important big four-colored cloth with congratulations from the fairy is gone. It has to come back. The children and magic witch Nudeltraud try to conjure up the cloth with ‘hex hex hex’ and abracadabra. They turn the whole suitcase upside down and try magic tricks. They find books and discover little clothes with letters and mysterious signs. The track to the wish-towel is discovered…


Adventure with Captain Karl

Today is the day at last! Captain Karl is going to set sail with his sailing ship, Santa Clara. He wants to see distant lands, get to know foreign people, discover lonely islands and of course find the big pirate treasure, accompanied by Hugo Maus, his best friend. Hugo has never been on a ship before and so they first practice what it’s like to go to sea. Suddenly they’re right in the middle of it, confrontating the dangerous ‘Red Pirate’. But luckily the children are there, when the two friends go on an adventure trip. They fall into a storm, suffer shipwreck and are washed ashore on a deserted island. Will they finally find the treasure?


Playing times Monday to Saturday 

13:00 o clock and 16:00 o clock

Seasons on Sundays, public holidays and in the summer holidays of Rhineland-Palatinate (06.07 to 14.08.2020)

12:00 o clock, 14:00 o clock and 16:30 o clock

  • NEW Familientag

  • NEW Geburtstagskinder

    Geburtstagskinder Übrigens: Geburtstagskinder bis 14 Jahre haben am Tag ihres Geburtstags bei uns freien Eintritt. Bitte bringen Sie uns einen entsprechenden Nachweis mit!
    Verjaardagskinderen Verjaardagskinderen (4 - 14 jaar) hebben op de heugelijke dag bij ons gratis toegang. S.v.p. geboortebewijs meebrengen.
    Birthday girls and boys Birthday girls and boys from 4 to 14 years have free admission (please bring evidence).