New at Klotti Park

Klotti’s steam engine

Already since the season 2018 Klotti’s adventure farm inspires our smallest guests. Here you can play and romp to your heart’s content. To make you climb, balance and discover even more, we have worked out something very special for you, Klotti’s steam engine! Discover the steam engine with its machine parts and tools from the inside. Climb through tunnels, overcome the balancing route and experience the technology of the steam engine. The brave will conquer the steam boiler with its chimney and penetrate through the climbing tunnel into the heart of the steam engine.

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    Klotti Klotti
    Klotti ist das lustige Bären-
    Maskottchen des Parks. Klotti
    hat schon manches erlebt auf
    den Moselhöhen, denn er
    begleitet das Parkgeschehen
    bereits seit vielen Jahren.
    Klotti Klotti
    Klotti is de grappige beer
    mascotte van het park. Klotti
    heeft al veel ervaren op de
    hoogten van de Moezel,
    omdat hij de parkscène al
    sinds vele jaren begeleidde.
    Klotti Klotti
    Klotti is the jolly bear mascot
    of the park. Klotti has already
    seen a lot of things on the
    hills along the Mosella, because
    he is accompanying the park
    events over many years now.