New in 2020: Kunibert’s Abenteuer

An interactive family ride

The bravest dare to enter the castle of knight Kunibert and his ancestors, inhabited by Mrs. Schute alone for years. It is said that ghosts are living in the castle and planning a ball as a surprise for the return of Knight Kunibert. Is that right?

The only way to find out is a ride through the castle. Use
laser batons to hunt for points and illuminate the castle with interactive matches. If you succeed, the ghosts will become visible. Look forward to a tough competition in a spooky atmosphere.


  • NEW Greifvögel

  • NEW Restaurant

  • NEW Kooperationspartner

  • NEW Klottibär

    Klotti Klotti
    Klotti ist das lustige Bären-
    Maskottchen des Parks. Klotti
    hat schon manches erlebt auf
    den Moselhöhen, denn er
    begleitet das Parkgeschehen
    bereits seit vielen Jahren.
    Klotti Klotti
    Klotti is de grappige beer
    mascotte van het park. Klotti
    heeft al veel ervaren op de
    hoogten van de Moezel,
    omdat hij de parkscène al
    sinds vele jaren begeleidde.
    Klotti Klotti
    Klotti is the jolly bear mascot
    of the park. Klotti has already
    seen a lot of things on the
    hills along the Mosella, because
    he is accompanying the park
    events over many years now.